[PHOTOS] Xenophobia Hits Zambia’s capital after suspected ritual murders

The number of people arrested in connection with the suspected ritual killings in Lusaka has reached 11.


Violent attacks targeted at foreign owned shops in Zingalume and George Compounds in Lusaka which broke out on Monday morning have spread to Garden and Mandevu areas.

The riots started in Zingalume and George compound before engulfing parts of Lilanda but were quelled by police officers in riot gear.


The protestors later stormed Kasungula road near Mandevu compound and started looting shops belonging to Rwandese nationals.

They also entered Katima mulilo road near Garden compound accusing Rwandese nationals of being the recent killings in the area.


The riots sporadically spread to Garden compound as many Rwandese nationals rushed to close their businesses and feared for their lives.
The residents threw stones and other objects and chanted anti Government slogans and threatened to take their protests to State House.

The rioters mostly got away with fridges, grocery items and beer from the shops they looted.

They claimed that President Edgar Lungu has failed to act on the spate of killings in their area which has seen seven people killed in what is suspected to be ritual murders.

The angry residents said in interviews claimed that President Lungu is a weak President saying late President Michael Sata could not have allowed the situation to degenerate to the current levels.

They said they are living in fear and now want Government to flush out the Rwandese from Zambia.
Other could the Rwandese of taking over all business opportunities and blamed Government for allowing Rwandese to freely open shops at every corner in the area.

Police Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja told Reporters late afternoon that he had deployed over 200 paramilitary officers and undisclosed number of officers from the C-5 special squad to control the situation.

By press time, most areas of Zingalume, George, Matero, Garden and Mandevu including Chipata compound was tense but the riots had been subdued.

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