Florida Woman Wanted Outback Steakhouse, Attacked Parents Who Said No

Florida Woman Wanted Outback Steakhouse, Attacked Parents Who Said No

2019 has scarcely begun, however Florida Woman is already making a number of headlines.

This time, a girl in Florida has been arrested after she flew right into a rage and attacked her aged dad and mom.

See, she had needed to go to Outback Steakhouse — they usually had mentioned “no.”

Deana Seltzer Mugshot

28-year-old Deana Seltzer lives along with her dad and mom in Lake Worth, Florida.

Last week, she apparently needed to go to Outback Steakhouse, a franchise restaurant.

(The franchise is so widespread that we lined a narrative about an Outback server in Florida simply final yr on this identical county)

Her aged dad and mom, Vadim Seltzer and Lydumila Seltzer, reportedly advised her that they weren’t going to that institution.

Deana didn’t deal with the frustration effectively.

Instead, she allegedly violently attacked each of her dad and mom.


According to authorities,  Deana “became enraged” when her mom turned down her request.

She allegedly struck her mom along with her closed fist, placing her mom’s torso.

Deana is alleged to have scretched her father in a number of locations throughout her livid assault.

Vadim known as 9-1-1 after Deana waved a 12-inch beautify knife within the air.

“I’m going to f–king kill you,” she reportedly threatened.

Her dad and mom have been described as frail and aged, however Vadim was in a position to separate the knife from his daughter earlier than issues escalated additional.

Outback 1

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office says that once they arrived on the scene, Deana surrendered peacefully.

That, not less than, is sweet.

She had apparently carried out injury to extra than simply her dad and mom.

Apparently she did a whole lot of injury to furnishings.

Officers describe seeing a “large glass dining room table flipped over and broken glass scattered throughout the dining area.”

Deana Seltzer is charged with battery, battery of an individual 65 or older, and two counts of aggravated assault with a lethal weapon.


A standard milestone for maturity is realizing that you would be able to make decisions.

You can select what to purchase on the grocery retailer, the place you exit to eat, and what to eat for dinner.

There’s even the second if you’re with household and might lastly reply that “do you have McDonald’s money?” or its equal with sure, mother, I do.

Some individuals, due to disabilities or the nightmarish financial actuality that’s the 21st century, don’t get to make these decisions.

It could be very understanding that an grownup nonetheless dependent upon the whims of their mother or father can be annoyed at an absence of decisions.

But violence is just not the reply. Ever.

And, let’s be actual, even when it have been applicable to answer a “no” with violence, it would not be over Outback Steakhouse.

There’s extra to life than a Blooming Onion.

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