Avril Lavigne – Bigger Wow

downloa Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water zip
Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water Album Cover
downloa Avril Lavigne – Bigger Wow
Avril Lavigne – Head Above Water Album Cover

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This is her sixth album, Head Above Water, we took a look back at her career in our monthly Timeline feature in our March 2019 print issue, here are five facts from the piece you may not have known about Avril Lavigne. Rihanna samples “I’m With You” on her song “Cheers (I’ll Drink to That)” from her album Loud. They duet on Twain’s “What Made You Say That” and the budding artist reportedly tells the country star that she wants to be “a famous singer.”

Avril Lavigne released a new song “Bigger Wow” off her newly released “Album Head Above Water” Since releasing “Complicated” and her debut album Let Go in 2002, Avril Lavigne has been a household name in music. After establishing herself as a pop-punk wunderkind with that album’s “Sk8er Boi” and mall-grunge aesthetic, the Napanee, Ontario teen spent the next decade and a half growing up in and navigating an industry and media landscape that sought to pigeonhole her. Before Bigger Wow, Lavigne’s released music that reflected her growth and personal life, selling over 40 million albums worldwide; she’s now the third-highest selling Canadian female artist of all time. Download Bigger Wow Avril Lavigne mp3


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